Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ionescu still has 'immunity'

Silviu Ionescu hit and run accident have attracted the attention of many Singaporeans as they are concerned about the verdict and also whether justice would be served to those that are involved in the accident.The tragic accident happened last year on the 15th of December and it hit 3 pedestrians along Bukit Panjang Road.One of them died later.Following to this,Singapore government issued a arrest warrant against Ionescu and Interpool issued a red notice against him.Despite the fact that many witnesses of the accident pin-point Ionescu as the culprit behind the wheels,he denied all accusations made about him and stressed that he was being framed.Ionescu then returned back to Romania and did not come back since.

A well-respected diplomat as well as someone with a high ranking in the ministry actually doing such a heartless thing have left many fellow Singaporeans with a question to ponder upon.Does Ionescu have immunity?To me personally,I do not think that Ionescu still has immunity.He had severed his contract with the Romanian government which means that he was not the staff of the government.Ionescu was not involved in any offical duties at that point of time when the accident happened.He had taken the flag down from his car when he drove and he himself also declared that it was not official business.The governement had also said that based on the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic rights,Ionescu was not protected by diplomatic immunity against his deeds.Based on the law,a diplomat loses his immunity once he leave the host country.Thus Ionescu would have to answer for his own actions.The Romania government should also stop shielding Ionescu but instead find out the truth of the whole accident and let justice be served.

Diplomats are usually people with integrity and certain social standing who are then chosen to represent their country.Ionescu abusing his diplomatic immunity by disappearing from the scene of the accident and claiming that he was not the driver have proved to us that there was a problem with his integrity.He has brought disgrace to his own country.

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