Monday, May 24, 2010

Dr Goh Keng Swee

Dr Goh was the Second Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore between 1973 and 1984 and a Member of Parliament for the Kreta Ayer Constitutency for a quarter of a century.Upon Singapore independence in 1965,he became the nation's first Minister for Interior and defence.He subsequently served as the first Minister for Finance(1967-1970) and Minister for Education(1979-1985).Following his retirement from politics,Dr Goh was still active in his public life rendering his services to many companies in Singapore.

The biggest impact that Dr Goh have done for us students is the education system.He set up the Curriculum Development Institute and introduced key policies such as religious education(which is later discontinued) and in 1980,the channeling of students into different programmes of study according to their learning abilities known as "streaming".I think this is especially important as different people have different pace in learning.Some people may be faster then the others in learning while some people may be slower in learning then the others.Through streaming the students according to their ability in learning,the students would be able to grasp a firm understanding of the subjects better.

The contirbutions that Dr Goh have done for Singapore is more than we can ever imagine.Singaporeans nowadays takes the present standard of living for granted because Dr Goh had laid the economy of modern Singapore.Dr Goh is one of the respected founding father of Singapore and without him,Singapore would not be able to develop so rapidly and become what it is today-a World-recognised country with lots of potential.

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