Friday, May 7, 2010

NEWater(Pros and Cons)

The natural resources on Earth are limited and there is a need for coutries to maximise the use of these resources to ensure that there are enough to last the other generations.Countries should try and reduce,reuse and recycle these natural resources.One example of natural resources is actually Water and there are limited supply of water in the World.Some countries would have abundant supply of water but some countries would not have.Singapore do not have such natural resources and we buy our water from Malaysia.The water we buy from Malaysia are actually raw water and after undergoing microfiltration,reverse osmosis and ultraviolet technologies,they become NEWater and can be consumed.

With the population growing everday,there is a ned to find alternative to satisfy the human's needs and that is NEWater.Although reclaiming the water is good,there are also some advantages and disadvantages of NEWater.The first advantage of NEWater is that it help to reduce Singapore's dependence on other countries for imported water.This means that Singapore does not solely depend on Malaysia for water and even if Malaysia were to terminate their Water Contract with Singapore one day,Singapore would not be affected much.The Second advantage is that NEWater helps to maximise the use of water on Earth.Through recycling the water,it helps to maximise the use of resources left on the Earth to ensure that there are sufficent supply to last the future generations.The third advantage of NEWater is that it helps to save space and it is energy efficent which means that money would not be wasted in the process.

The first disadvantage of NEWater is that it is very expensive.It requires a lot of processes to obtain the NEWater which means that a lot of money would have to be spend.The product itself is costly which means that if it was to be sold in supermarkets,it would not be cheap and not many people would be able to afford it.The second disadvantage is that not many Singaporeans are used to the NEWater yet.Most of the Singaporeans are still used to the imported water from Malaysia and it would take a period of time before they get used to the NEWater.

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