Friday, April 23, 2010

What are some of the safeguards RWS can do to prevent theft?

In my opinion,I think that in order to prevent cases of theft from happening again in RWS,a series of safeguards can be implemented.Opportunities to steal must be remove and these include limiting the amount of petty cash on hand.Account regularly for all the inventory and also the amount kept in the cashier must be regularly accounted to prevent discrepancy in the amount of money collected.Employers of the RWS should also evaluate the business regularly to identify weak or unguarded points and determine how to remove it in order to avoid tempting thieves.

More CCTV should be installed in the Casino especially at the corners or places with gambling tables.These are the most common places where crimes are more highly to take place.There should also be a control room whereby all the scenes of the casino that are captured by the CCTV can be viewed from.An high-ranking employee of the casino should be seated inside the control room at all time so that if anyone is to commit any theft,he would be able to see it and take immediate action before thievery is being committed.Posters showing the consequences(for example penalty or jail-term) of being caught cheating or commiting any form of thievery should be put up in the casino also.

RWS can also tighten their security through hiring more security personnels to patrol around the casino at all times.With more sercurity personnels patrolling around the casino,gamblers that are attempting to commit any sort of theft are going to think twice before doing it as the chances of them being caught is very high.These would then greatly reduce the number of thievery in the casino.Also,Employees of the casino should be vigilant at all times(especially during the exchange of chips).They should be aware of their surrounding and report any thievery to their employers ASAP.

Favoritism to a employee in RWS must be strongly avoided as it can destroy the team camaraderie.Employees should be treated with equal respect and this includes not over-looking the highest-paid employees when investigating suspicious activity for they could also be thieves.Employers of RWS should also perform background checks on the people applying for the job in RWS and weed out all those that are likely to cause problems.Employers should also establish a sense of ownership among employees by taking their feedback into consideration so that they feel empowered and would always put the company's interest above anything.A sense of loyalty towards RWS is thus created.Bonus programmes should also be introduced to award employees with good behaviour and punish thievery.

I believe that if all these safeguards were to be introduced,employees would become loyal to RWS and cases of theft would also be drastically reduced.

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