Friday, July 16, 2010

Is Quan Yi Feng a Good Role Model?

A Good Role Model is someone you can look up to, who inspires you and encourage you to make good choices in life.A Role Model could be your mum,dad,sister or even your favourite TV artiste.However what Quan Yi Feng have done recently have really disappointed most of the Singaporeans and made them ponder whether her behaviour is the appropriate behaviour for all the others to follow. After this incident, I personally think that she is not really a good role-model for all to follow.

Quan Yi Feng was being reported of slamming the taxi door of a 52 years old taxi-driver,sworing Hokkien words at the Taxi Driver and taking away his taxi keys after he refused to help her with her luggage.She also shove the driver aside and hit him when she was about to leave in another taxi to Changi Airport for her flight.However, Quan Yi Feng declined all allegations made against her and said that she did not thrash his taxi nor take his car keys.She also say that she kicked the taxi door as the door was blocked and she needed to get her luggage.

I personally think as a celebrity in Singapore, Quan Yi Feng should be careful of her actions as she is being looked upon by many Singaporeans.No matter what happened that might trigger her anger, she really should not have kicked the taxi door as it is considered very rude and uncivilized.If she really hit the taxi driver or take his car keys, she should admit it and apologise to the public and only then will she gain back the faith people have in her.

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